AURORA installation with Cloudformation

3 min readFeb 24, 2022


To build one aurora cluster instances from zero, the following AWS resources are required built manually if required. To make the whole process more simpler, all the resources preparation are consolidated together by cloudformation template. Feel free to customize the template

  • vpc
  • subnet
  • route table
  • security group
  • db subnet group
  • db cluster parameter
  • db instance parameter
  • db cluster
  • db instance

Two ways are provided to build the aurora instance. The direct one is to make the instance through cloudformation’s template. The another one is under preparation usng OhMyTiUP(Todo).

Cloudformation preparation

Please find the template to start the stack launch. There are several points to share.

  • Two subnets are created in the stack, one for Master and another for Slave.
  • In the security group, the port 3306 is open to all. If you use it for sensitive database, please restrict access for security reason. Here is only for PoC.
  • The binlog_format is configured as ROW in the cluster parameter in order to enable the replication feature from Aurora to external DB. In the future, it will be used to replicate data from Aurora to TiDB Cloud.

Instance confirmation

It takes about 20–30 minutes to complete the AURORA instance setup. Here it’s okay to take a rest or switch other task contexts.

Please find the github repository for your reference.